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Irish Sinclairs - (Part 1 of 4)

At 12:03 AM 20/09/02 -0400, Neil Sinclair wrote:
>Challenge to the list, we have very little on Irish Sinclairs, any
From: The Saint-Clairs of the Isles, page 322, Chapter XIV.

             I R I S H    S C I O N S 


I. JOHN SINCLAIR, Rector of Leekpatrick at time of the siege of Derry, was the
first of the Holyhill family. The tradition of the family was that he was a
son of a Sir James Sinclair of Caithness, from which we may infer that his
known father, James Sinclair of Wester-Brims, was perhaps a clerk in holy
orders. From the mural inscription referred to in the notice of "The
Sinclairs of Borlum," and a deed of 1660, his paternity is clear.
He was succeeded by his son
    II. JOHN, father of 
    III. JOHN, whose son
    IV. WILLIAM SINCLAIR died vita patris. He married Isabella, daughter of
Thomas Young of Lough Eske, County Donegal, and had issue-
      1. JAMES of Holyhill.
      2. THOMAS, married Alicia, daughter of Thomas Young of Lough Eske,
and died 18o8.
      1. REBECCA (died 1845), married John de Cluzenn.
    V. JAMES SINCLAIR OF HOLLYHILL, D.L., born 1772, married, 1805, Dorothea,
daughter and heiress of Rev. Samuel Law, and died, having issue-             
      1. 1. WILLIAM, now of Holyhill.
      2. JAMES, married, June, '62, Katharine, daughter of Rev. Robert
Alexander of          Augnachoy, County Derry, and has issue--
REBECCA, married 1847 Lieut.-Colonel Sinclair, H.E.I.C.S. (who died May,
               and has issue--
                   A daughter
             ANN.      ISABELLA, died May, 1864.      CAROLINE ELIZABETH.
Mr. Sinclair died February, 1865.
    VI. WILLIAIM SINCLAIR OF HOLYHILL, County Tyrone, and of Drumbeg,
County Donegal; J.P. and D.L., County Donegal; High Sheriff, 1854; and
J.P., County Tyrone, Barrister-at-law; born 17th April, 1710; married
December, 1839, Sarah, daughter of James Cranbourne Strode, and has issue--
      I. JAMES MONTGOMERY Of Bonnyglen, Inver, County Donegal, B.A., J.P.;
born       November 22nd, 1841; married January 29th, 1868, Mary Everina,
youngest daughter       of Lieut.-Colonel Hugh Barton (late 2nd Life
Guards) of The Waterfoot, County       Fermanagh, and has issue 
         I. WILLIAM HUGH MONTGOMERY, born December, 1868. 
         2. EVERINA MARY CAROLINA, born 31st May, 1870. 
         3. ROSABEL, born November, 1883.
      2. WILLIAM FREDERICK, born May, 1843; died August, 1843.
      3. WILLIAM FREDERICK (II.), of the Bombay C.S.     4. DONALD BROOKE.
      5. ALFRED LAW, Captain Bombay Staff Corps.
             I. JEMIMA SARAH.      2. DOROTHEA MARY.

* Burke and Henderson.

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