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Re: Neil Sinclair - Argyll

A little while back I thought I had a good lead on our elusive Neil, who
seemed to disappear from the family from time to time.  Perhaps he signed up
for the services!   After a lot of unsuccessful attempts, I found a Neil,
born in approximately the right timeframe, who had signed up with the Argyll
Regiment (then known as the 98th Foot) around 1794.

This week, I was sent a copy of his discharge certificate.  Sadly for me, it
reads "born in the Parish of Muckairn, in or near the Market town of Bunnaw,
in the County of Argyle, aged 20 years."  He was discharged in 1803 because
he was nearly blind, and was recommended as a "proper object of His
Majesty's Royal Bounty of Chelsea Hospital."

Now I know our Neil was born on Islay in 1770, so this can't be him.   If
someone on this list can claim him, please let me know, and I'll forward
this document.



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