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Re: Origin of Irish Sinclairs: Sinclair -> Nokaird?????


Thanks a bunch.   Fascinating!

Joe Erkes


> Just to put in my 2 cents worth:
> I've been researching the Sinclairs on the little Isle of Islay, Argyllshire
> for several years.  Of all the documents I have found prior to 1749, I've
> only found one mention of a Sinclair (1732 baptism of an Effie Sinclair.
> Father's name unreadable).  LOTS of McNokairds (various spellings), back to
> as far as 1541.
> After 1745, there is no mention of any McNokaird anywhere on the island,but
> LOTS of Sinclairs.  I know this is not conclusive, but I did discuss this
> with Dr. David Caldwell, Curator of Antiquities, National Museums of
> Scotland in Edinburgh, who could also find no McNokairds on Islay after
> 1745.  He actually mentioned it in his article for the Argyll Colony Plus

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