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Re: Change of subject

Dear Charlotte,

When you spoke of James Meador St. Clair, a bell went off in my head. He
could be one of two people. He may have been the brother of my gg
grandfather, William P. St. Clair, known as Meador St. Clair, b. 5-27-1825,
who married Kitturian Craig, or he could more likely be John Meddow St.
Clair, my g grandfather, b. 8-8-1863, known as "Med", who married Sallie
Bell Walters. According to my cousin, John P. St. Clair, Jr., he had him
listed at one time as James Meddow St. Clair. Records in Virginia, however,
show him as John Meddow. If this is the case, we are fairly close kin. Let
me know. I have quite a bit on the line.


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>Dear Sinclair,I'm happy to see that you have once again survived the barbs
and arrows to answer my trivia. I can't find the book with the cousin but
remember that as usual hamish is in a pickle with the higher-ups and needs
to escape for a bit. I believe the cousin is in Edinburgh but am sure only
of the reference to a female. Some day if I ever get through the slog that

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