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Re: Change of subject

Dear Sinclair,I'm happy to see that you have once again survived the barbs and arrows to answer my trivia. I can't find the book with the cousin but remember that as usual hamish is in a pickle with the higher-ups and needs to escape for a bit. I believe the cousin is in Edinburgh but am sure only of the reference to a female. Some day if I ever get through the slog that seems to hit daily I will reorganize my books and papers and maybe even find someone who will remember the long lost great uncle James Meador StClair. No one who sees this house would believe that I once owned and ran a bookstore that was pretty orderly. Oh well, Mr. Lennon(John) was right about life and other plans. I hope you and Anne are well, if you find yourself in this part of the world let me know it would be a delight to meet you two in person. I will try to find the cousin book or possibly will write MsBeaton and ask about her affection for things Sinclair. Best always, Charlotte
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