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RE: Origin of Irish Sinclairs: Sinclair -> Nokaird?????

Dear Joe;
First let me compliment you on the many fine ideas, thoughts and perceptions
that you have shared with the list. While my projects do not allow me time
to post to the list a lot, I do read with interest the wisdom you and all
the others are sharing.

Turning to the issue of the Argyll Sinclairs your ideas are correct in that
there is a lot of commonality between the Irish Sinclairs and the Argyll
Sinclairs. As a short synopsis to the list, in early 1700 Mc'Nokiard was a
common name and roughly translated means craftsman or tinkerer. Now when
registration became more common followiing 1720 for births, a lot of
Sinclairs became registered all through Argyll and surrounding parishes. Why
and where they came from is and remains a mystery. The derevation does go
back to Nokaird, but why and how is lost. The earliest recorded Sinclair was
from the Duke of Argyll farm is late 1600's. Now I have assumed that this
email discussing Sinclairs of Argyll is archived away with the Sinclair
keepers of our list. I shall chase this down.

John, no work from participants on the list has been done on Irish Sinclairs
at all and while it makes logical sense that the Sinclairs of Argyll
migrated to Ireland we are speculating. So you are staring off an
interesting new development if you want to trace the Irish Sinclairs and
something that is well worth while.

Neil Sinclair

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