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Re: Mohammed in the bedroom!

Dear Sinclair,

Moments ago the original message was inadvertantly returned to the list with
no answer.

Thanks for your humerous responce to my thoughts. No doubt, Muslims have
much reason to claim descent from the father of their religion. If anyone
else has thoughts on my query concerning their beliefs in a Messiah I would
be interested in hearing about them.
Interesting that a St. Clair (St. Clair-Tisdall) should have written on this


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From: Sinclair <labehotiere@wanadoo.fr>
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Date: Saturday, September 14, 2002 3:25 AM
Subject: Mohammed in the bedroom!

>Dear Stanley
>In 'The Sources of Islam'   Dr. Sir W. St Clair-Tisdall's (original written
>in  Farsi entitled, Yanabi' al-islam.)   Lahore, Pakistan  1899.
>states  in Sura 4:3  men may have at most four wives, except that in Sura

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