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Re: Male for Female?

Dear Jean Paul,

I would like to thank you for being considerate of me and my dislike of 
being mistaken for another person. Not that I am so conceited to think that 
I should be the only Jean on the list, but I did not appreciate some off 
list mail I received.
I had signed my last comment with Sinead which I believe is Gaelic for 
Janet and I am quite happy to use that name on the list to enable you to 
use Jean.

One of my grandsons is called Jean-Luc and I like the double Christian name 


At 01:31 PM 13/09/02 -0400, you wrote:
>Dear Margaret in Australia -
>I must apologize for not getting around to your request sooner.  It seems
>that of late I've had a bit on my plate. As I understand it, your grandmother
>uses the handle of "Jean" and you wish I would lengthen my handle to avoid
>her being taxed with the responsibility of my e-mails.  Since I have just
>learned from our interlocutor that I have a very poor command of the English
>language, I got an English translation that reads," "She doesn't want it all
>coming down on her."
>I shall try to remember to type in "Jean Paul."  If Paul were a family name
>rather than a middle name, that would still leave our interlocutor still in a

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