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Re: Mohammed in the bedroom!

Muslims accepted all the prophets of both the Old Testament and the New 
Testament, and they have one that appears to be Alexander the Great.  They 
accept Christ as a great prophet.  They do not worship Mohammed as a Messiah. 
 For that reason the prior practice in the West of calling them Mohammedans 
was incorrect.  They say Mohammed is the last and greatest of the prophets. 

Mohammed said that a believer could have as many as four wives, if he could 
support them, and if he treated them equally.  He could have as many 
concubines as he wished. 

Their concept of Heaven would be considered quite sexist.  Their Hell 
reflects their origin as a desert people.  Hell is a scorching hot place 
where one drinks boiling water.  Heaven is a cool place where one is waited 
on with heavenly young maidens with beautiful eyes.

Jean Paul 
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