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Re: Mohammed in the bedroom!

Interesting data. However, although they claim to accept all of the
prophets, the actions of the extremists reflects a different story.
I am not inplicating all Muslims as extremists, merely stating that the
teaching of  a direct "Ticket to heaven" being obtained when eliminating
someone whom they consider the enemy, most often a Jew or someone considered
Christian, whom they associate as Jewish sympathizers, does not reflect the
teachings of Moses or Jesus. To accept them as prophets would indicate that
there is some validity to there teachings. Mohammed's teachings are so
different, even in regard to marriage and sexuality to other prophets, there
very little way to accept anyone else as a prophet and be loyal to him.

Even though you are correct, they do not worship Mohammed as a
Messiah, they see him as their prophet. Moses is not worshiped as a Messiah,
nor or any of the other Israeli prophets. A "Messiah" does not require
divinity or worship. The Israelis anticipate the coming
of a Messiah whom they expect to bring world peace. My question,
so well answered by John Quarterman, was, "Do Arab Muslims descended from
Mohammed have an anticipation of a future Messiah
who will be a descendant of Mohammed?" the answer was that some She'ite (may
be spelled wrongly) Muslims do have this belief.


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>Muslims accepted all the prophets of both the Old Testament and the New
>Testament, and they have one that appears to be Alexander the Great.  They
>accept Christ as a great prophet.  They do not worship Mohammed as a
> For that reason the prior practice in the West of calling them Mohammedans

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