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Re: Friday the 13th let's get weird

You are brave to resurrect this subject.

I have certainly read this book, and others on this subject. I do not wish
to comment directly at this time, but it seems ironic that I was just
thinking on the topic of the parallel of this with Islamic origins, and
wondered if, since Mohammed had several wives and concubines which are sure
to have produced millions of offspring, if the Muslims had similar beliefs
as to their ancestry, to wit, do Arabs trace their ancestry to Mohammed and
believe that they have a destiny of producing a Messiah which will bring the
world peace?


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Subject: Friday the 13th let's get weird

> Michael Baigent, Richard Leigh, and Henry Lincoln have asserted that Jesus
>and Mary Magdalene had children, and that their bloodline manifested in the
>Merovingian Dynasty of French Kings, making the descendants of the
>Merovingians to be the descendants of Christ.

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