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Friday the 13th let's get weird

 Michael Baigent, Richard Leigh, and Henry Lincoln have asserted that Jesus
and Mary Magdalene had children, and that their bloodline manifested in the
Merovingian Dynasty of French Kings, making the descendants of the
Merovingians to be the descendants of Christ.

They state that the objective of the mysterious Priory of Sion to place a
Merovingian descendent of Jesus upon a French or European throne.

Baigent, Leigh and Lincoln end 'Holy Blood Holy Grail' with "There are many
devout Christians who do not hesitate to interpret the Apocalypse as nuclear
holocaust. How might the advent of Jesus' lineal descendent be interpreted?
To a receptive audience, it might be a kind of Second Coming."
Baigent, Leigh and Lincoln  note that a number of modern European families
are of Merovingian lineage, and that they believe that certain ones are
privy to a secret regarding this matter. They named several families.
Special emphasis is on the Sinclair family. The British branch of the St.
Clair family of France, were the hereditary Grand Masters of the Masons

The name St. Clair is literally in French  "Holy Light".

Jesus said that he was the light of the world, the Holy Light.

The Jewish Gematria value of the name "Sinclair" computes out to exactly

666 is the mark of the Beast.


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