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Re: Pleasanton California Highland Games

Dear Gary,
Congratulations  on winning the trophy, and what a brilliant idea for a hot 
climate.  I hope you have not placed a copyright on it as we in Australia 
can have extraordinarily hot days for Gatherings also. I think we may use 
some of the elements of your idea. Certainly we can also have days that 
would be more typical of Scotland - cold, wet and windy as at Berwick last 
year, but Ringwood was like your day.  I had heard there were  two Clan 
Sinclair ships but didn't know of a third vessel carrying the name. So 
thank you for adding some knowledge.

Once again congratulations on behalf of Clan Sinclair Australia.

Jean Sinclair Stokes.

>On Saturday, some new friends came to the tent and wanted to place a large
>bronze bell on display. What a surprise!!! It was engraved Clan Sinclair. It
>was from the second Clan Sinclair ship built for the Clan Ship Lines out of
>South Africa.

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