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Re: Pleasanton California Highland Games

I did a search for the Clan Sinclair ships and found the following:

Mike Sinclair
                                            SPRINGBOK LINE

                                                FLEET LIST


1. BOSBOK (1960-61)
O.N. 182148 Tonnages and dimensions: 8405g 4430n 11000dw 512'7" x 66'4" x 27
3 steam turbines double reduction geared to screw shaft by Parsons Marine
Turbine Co., Wallsend-on-Tyne.
17.1.50 launched by Greenock Dockyard Co. Ltd., Greenock (Yard no. 472) as
CLAN SINCLAIR for The Clan Line Steamers Ltd. (Cayzer, Irvine & Co. Ltd. -
managers) / 4.50: Completed / 1959: within British & Commonwealth Group
transferred to Bullard, King & Co. Ltd.; name unchanged / 12.59: transferred
to Springbok Line Ltd., London; name unchanged / 1.60: transferred to
Springbok Shipping Co. Ltd., Cape Town, South Africa, and subsequently
renamed BOSBOK / 1.7.61: company sold by British & Commonwealth Shipping Co.
Ltd. to South African Marine Corporation Ltd., Cape Town, South Africa,
vessel remained in ownership by Springbok Shipping Co. Ltd. (South African
Marine Corporation Ltd. - managers) and subsequently renamed SOUTH AFRICAN
STATESMAN / 1966: renamed S.A. STATESMAN / 3.11.72: arrived Kaohsiung,
Taiwan, to be broken up by Li Chong Steel Corporation.


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> The Labor Day weekend was hot and humid. Temperatures were in the 90's
> very little or no wind. We had a triple tent setup and cut the heat effect
> with sunscreen on two of the walls and placing solar blankets in the tops

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