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Pleasanton California Highland Games

The Labor Day weekend was hot and humid. Temperatures were in the 90's with 
very little or no wind. We had a triple tent setup and cut the heat effect 
with sunscreen on two of the walls and placing solar blankets in the tops of 
the tents forming a reflective screen with an air space. It worked well. We 
also had a large 16 inch fan running in the tent.

Saturday exceeded expectations. We were packed with visitors, some old 
friends and some new friends. Bottles of cold water and soft drinks were 
provided for all that wanted them. We went through 5 cases of water and 3 
cases of soft drinks. I think I had about 6 bottles myself along with some 
Scottish Ale.

On Saturday, some new friends came to the tent and wanted to place a large 
bronze bell on display. What a surprise!!! It was engraved Clan Sinclair. It 
was from the second Clan Sinclair ship built for the Clan Ship Lines out of 
South Africa. They name all of their ships after Scottish Clans. There have 
been 3 Clan Sinclair ships. The bell was found in a hock shop in Taiwan. Mike 
Sinclair stated we could use the bell at any of the games if we give him 24 
hours notice.

Sunday was a repeat of Saturday with many people checking us out. Sinclairs 
and non-Sinclairs came to see our exhibits. 

There were 102 Clans set up at the games this year with many Societies, 
Associations and Clubs. The Glen of the Clans was a colorful and lively 
place. About 3:30 on Sunday the Games Clan Chairman came by and asked if I 
thought "Clan Sinclair" would be OK to engrave on the "Best Clan" trophy. We 
agreed that it would be very nice. What a surprise and what a pleasure to get 
this trophy with so many of the Clans having really wonderful displays.

Gary Sinclair