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Sinclair Dates

   September 1

   312  B.C.:  Era  of  Seleucus, Commonly used for dating in the ancient

   1422: Henry VI,
   [2]King of England

   1715:  Louis  XIV  d.,  King  of France and Canada dies at Versailles,
   France,  of  gangrene.  His  72-year  reign is the longest in European
   history.  The  regency,  confided  to his mother, Anne of Austria, was
   marked  by  a period of rebellion known as the Fronde (1648-1653), led
   first by the nobility and later by the urban commoners. In 1660, Louis
   XIV  married  Maria  Theresa,  Infanta of Spain. , on the death of his
   godfather  and  prime  minister,  Cardinal  Mazarin,  the  23-year-old
   monarch announced that he himself would govern. He convening a council
   on  a  daily  basis,  from which he excluded grand nobles, surrounding
   himself  instead  with ministers. The first twenty years of the king's
   personal  reign were the most brilliant. With his minister Colbert, he
   carried  out  the  administrative  and financial reorganization of the
   kingdom,  as  well as the development of trade and manufacturing. With
   the  Marquis  de  Louvois,  he reformed the army and achieved military
   victories.  Louis  encouraged  an extraordinary blossoming of culture:
   theatre  (Molière  and Racine), music (Lully), architecture, painting,
   sculpture,  and  all  the  sciences (founding of the royal academies).
   These  accomplishments  are  depicted  on  the  ceiling of the Hall of
   Mirrors. Marie Mancini, Louise de la Vallière, Madame de Montespan and
   others  found  their way to the king's bed. He organized extraordinary
   festivities  To  please  his  harlots. Royal love affairs yielded many
   offspring,  whom  Louis  XIV  either legitimized or betrothed to other
   members of the royal family. --[3]labehotiere@wanadoo.fr

   1870: Napoleon III captured, at Sedan --[4]labehotiere@wanadoo.fr

   1969: Libyan revolution, (National Day) --[5]labehotiere@wanadoo.fr

   1969:  Gadhafi, Col Moammar Gadhafi rose to power deposed Libya's King
   Idris --[6]labehotiere@wanadoo.fr

   1985: Titanic found, Titanic, sunk in 1912, found by French & American
   scientists. --[7]labehotiere@wanadoo.fr


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