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Diana, Princess of Wales

31 August 1997  Diana, Princess of Wales 36, was killed along  in a car
crash in Paris. The tragedy has spawned a host of conspiracy theories over
her death.

"The final sands of time sifted slowly downward.
Some action I must risk, with no delay and no remorse.
And so, I did; and here I stand, alone
- fighting the specters of doubt,
grabbing faint glimmers of hope
- but alive I am, and squarely
I will face another day.
Hooray!"                           Stanley St Clair

The last verse of the recreantly posted poem, 'The Choice' speaks to us
still alive. What are the various conspiracy theories? Perhaps it is more
important to our daily lives the on 31 August 1900 Coca-Cola first went on
sale in Britain.


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I have had an off-list request from a prominent list member to share another
as well as some kind comments from others. I write varying styles and types
of verse to appeal to different audiences. This one is prose. Also
previously  unpublished. I reserve all rights

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