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Request for poem

I have had an off-list request from a prominent list member to share another poem,
as well as some kind comments from others. I write varying styles and types of verse to appeal to different audiences. This one is prose. Also previously  unpublished. I reserve all rights.

                THE CHOICE

The streaked, motley horizon teased of awakening daybreak
- the moment's intensity immensely surreal.
Yet, my cloudy-morning mind failed to fully focus.
Before me lay a pressing choice, most crucial
- not for others of my wreched race,
who dashed so gaily through their mundane tasks,
but it to me alone meant life and death.

The final sands of time sifted slowly downward.
Some action I must risk, with no delay and no remorse.
And so, I did; and here I stand, alone
- fighting the specters of doubt,
grabbing faint glimmers of hope
- but alive I am, and squarely
I will face another day.