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Re: Sinclair Freeway

Dear Mike Sinclair

What wines are produced in your area?

Is you need an independent palate to test them I willing to help out.  It is
a dirty job bit some one has to do it.

The eruption of the St Helens volcano had world wide climate effects.   What
is the area like now? Is the volcano still a problem? What attracted you to
the area?

Where did the 'Pierce' come from in your father's name? Charles Sanders
Peirce  is unique in American intellectual history  he was a tireless and
brilliant thinker.  Another list correspondence Joe Erks probally admires
him more than I do. His Pragmatism is described  by The Columbia
Encyclopedia, Sixth Edition, 2001 as a "method of philosophy in which the
truth of a proposition is measured by its correspondence with experimental
results and by its practical outcome."

>From the references you kindly supplied I found this "The Sinclair Freeway
is Interstates 280 and 680 from Route 17 to the Santa Clara/Alameda County
line. Joseph P. Sinclair was the District Engineer for the District 4
Division of Highways (now Caltrans) from 1952 to 1964. Named by Assembly
Concurrent Resolution 104, Chapt. 168 in 1967. "

Your so called bias is apparently shared by others.

Thanks for the correct spelling of 'Junipero Serra '.


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