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Re: Sinclair Freeway

My father, Joseph Pierce Sinclair, was District IV engineer when he passed
away suddenly in 1964.  District IV covers not only San Francisco County,
but the other nine Bay Area counties.  He was well known in the area.  The
road is an extension of the Junipero Serra freeway down the SF Peninsula,
and curves around the bottom of SF bay, connecting to the freeway on the
eastern side of the bay.  It is a beautiful freeway, and a designated Scenic
Route.  Yes, he was an exceptional person, although I may be a bit biased.

The "sthelens" is not for the wine country, but for the local volcano here
in Washington State, which erupted 22 years ago.  Incidentally, Washington
State is known for excellent wines, said to be a result of the growing areas
being at the same latitudes as the best growing regions in France.  We do
our best to sample them all.

A couple of web sites to increase your knowledge:


Mike Sinclair

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> Dear Mike Sinclair
> When was this road built?  Is it still in operation? The highway I
> is the Junipo Sera (?).  How long was your father active and when.  There

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