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Re: Sinclair Freeway

Dear Mike Sinclair

When was this road built?  Is it still in operation? The highway I remember
is the Junipo Sera (?).  How long was your father active and when.  There
were 30 years ago flowers in the middle of freeways are they on the Sinclair
Freeway? What are the counties the highway serves?  San Jose was the second
highest income in the US with the famous Silicon Valley.

Please tell all  that you can.  Your father must be an exceptional person to
have a freeway named after him. What is the P. for? San Franciso is at the
end of a peninsula I thought that only one county abutted it are you
including the places served by bridges? Marin Oakland ect?

Your email address is it in the wine country?  There is, I think, a Saint
Helena in the Napa valley named after the mother of the emperor Constantine
I (306-337 A.D.) It is said that she found the true Cross

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I found an old message regarding the Sinclair Freeway in San Jose,
California.  The California Legislature named this freeway after my father,
Joseph P. Sinclair, who was Metropolitan District Engineer for District IV
of the California Div. of Highways (now CalTrans).  This district includes

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