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Re: France, a good host & July 4th

Dear Mel

I write you off list.  You have done so much for my understanding.

America is a free and enlightened state. The Americans from the inception of
their idea, enshrined in their Constitution recognise the individual as a
higher and independent power, answerable to God and that from that freedom
all  power and authority is derived.  I may disagree with many American
actions and your politicians but if your country did not exist we would have
to invent it.  You bring the ideals of freedom and sunshine to the lives of
others. Whatever present difficulties you have cannot keep freedom from

Ayez un coffre-fort et heureux 4e de juillet.  C'est hamburger, bière et
bar-b - ques, je pense.(Translation Have a safe and happy 4th of July.  It
is hamburger, beer and
bar - b - ques, I think)

An American who, at this time, can call on God while living a householder's
life is a hero indeed. God must think: 'He is blessed indeed  who prays to
Me in the midst of his worldly  duties. He is trying to find Me, overcoming
a great obstacle -- pushing away, as it  were, a huge block of stone
weighing a ton. Such a man is a real hero.

America will be triumphant  if, now the hour when under God has true
meaning, the heroes  gather  all  of their jewels of manhood and life, and
go down into the conflict, however bloody and doubtful, resolved on
measureless ruin or complete success

my Best to you and your family on America's birthday. America the beautiful.
God shed His grace on thee

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> Cousins,
> Portions of three e-mails are copied below and are from a friend with
> whom I've sailed before.  His slip was next to ours at our sailing club.
> He is an all-around "good guy" who is successful in business, with a

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