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Re: O'er the ramparts we watch'd

Dear Rory,

I certainly understand the concept of seperation of church and state, and
appreciate the freedom of speech. I hope no one misunderstands my concerns.
The word "God" does not constitute a church. Only the acknowledgement of a
diety. I am just a patriotic American who appreciates the strides that
America has made in the past in allowing us to speak of God and country in
the same breath. 90 % of all Americans surveyed felt that the pledge of
allegiance as ammended in 1954 should remain as it was. If it is not allowed
in schools, we who use it in clubs and other events will still use it as we
have been used to.

I think other Americans will relate to my feelings over violence in schools.
When no Supreme being is recognized, as I see it, unrest tends to prevail.
The great thing about freedom of speech is our ability to express ourselves.
This list also gives us that priviledge.
I am proud to be a part of it.


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>I know it is great comfort to some of our American cousins to have such
>words as "under God" in such public icons as the pledge of allegiance.  As
>John has so ably shown,  what may appear to us as immutable words from
>so old as to be  beyond memory,  these same may be less old than they

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