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France, a good host & July 4th


Portions of three e-mails are copied below and are from a friend with
whom I've sailed before.  His slip was next to ours at our sailing club.
He is an all-around "good guy" who is successful in business, with a
great young family, and he is an excellent sailboat racer.  He won the
right to represent the USA at the ISAF World Sailing Games in France.
I'm passing this along as a good example of many countries coming
together for good, healthy, spirited competition and comradery, as well
as noting Mike's comment in his "Side Note" below, Day 3.  The Side Note
is what motivated me to send this.  Sorry, I'm sure that it is
off-topic.  Thanks for indulging me.

Day 1:  "Today the ISAF World Sailing Games started with a Crunch!
Michael Lague and his crew of 3, nominated by the US Olympic Sailing
Committee, are sailing in the ISAF World Sailing Games in Marseille,
France. The games opened on Saturday with a parade of 64 nations in
front of 200,000 fans. Truly, a spectacular event. Racing began today
after 2 days of practice."

Day 2:  " <snip> After completing racing, a boat with local fans came
over to cheer on Team USA and began towing us into the harbor. They told
us they could only tow us halfway. At the drop off point, I gave one of
the children on the boat my TEAM USA hat. I was not remembering the hat
had a St Michael medal pinned to it that my mom gave me to wear at the
World Sailing Games. After about 20 minutes the boat came back to us and
wanted to know if we knew the medal was on the hat. They returned the
hat and we gave them another TEAM USA hat. This would not happen in most
places. The people in Marseille are very friendly and truly show great
hospitality to the sailors."

Day 3: " ... of racing cancelled due to Mistral wind conditions!  <snip>
In any case, we are enjoying Marseille. Making friends with the teams
from France, Puerto Rico, Cayman Islands, New Zealand and Australia to
name a few.  

A SIDE NOTE: The French celebrate 4th of July. Everyone made sure they
wished the Americans a Happy 4th of July. Don't take it for granted.
Many countries appreciate the Independence of the USA!

Hope to race some time soon!  Michael"

*************End sailing e-mail****************
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