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Re: O'er the ramparts we watch'd

I know it is great comfort to some of our American cousins to have such
words as "under God" in such public icons as the pledge of allegiance.  As
John has so ably shown,  what may appear to us as immutable words from times
so old as to be  beyond memory,  these same may be less old than they
appear, in this case,  1954 is not very old.
Notwithstanding these somewhat less than ageless words, the sentiment so
expressed is also problematic at least as far as the founding fathers were
concerned -- 'There shall be no established religion"  is part of the deal
just as "there shall be no infringement of free speech"
Maybe for some, the mention of God in public utterances is no attempt at the
estabishment of religion but for some other citizens who are, shall we say
more secularly inclined, it certainly is.

Finally, it is illogical, in a syllogistic sense to equate athiests wishing
to remove God from the Pledge  with the presence of violence in schools.

Hope no one minds a comment outwith that magnificent Republic to the South
of us.

Rory in Toronto.

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