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Re: Intellectual Norman Families/

Dear Mark,

I regret that while I too am sometimes in despair at much that goes on in
this world, I cannot endorse your charges of crminality etc which are
largely aimed at organisations of which you show little understanding. While
the Sinclairs, among many others, have played their part in furthering the
cause of brotherhood amongst men, I would dispute the implication that they
are, or ever have been, among the prime movers in the move towards peace and
brotherhood. Furthermore I doubt if either the intent or motivation behind
the founding of the Study Centre at Noss Head is in any way political.

Let us be clear about the new centre in Normandy. It will not be affiliated
with any religion, politics, denomination or sect. Will neither endorse nor
oppose any causes. Its sole and primary purpose will be to facilitate and
encourage the study of history with a view to getting closer to that
illusory ideal known as truth. We are  mindful that trhose who do not learn
from their history are condemned to repeat it.

As to the Sinclairs, they have recently been described to me by a member of
that family when he claimed that he was a direct descendant of some of
Scotland's finest thieves and robber-barons. As I mentioned in an earlier
posting, history is not monopolised by the Sinclairs, other Norman families
played a far more visible and important role not only in Scotland but also
in England, Ireland, Italy, Sicily and the Crusades.

The true importance of the historical contribution of the family of St Clair
cannot be evaluated when studied in isolation. Their iportance lies not only
in their actions, but in the context within which those actions took place.
They are simply one important part of a far greater whole.

Best wishes

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> Tim
> No doubt this is correct, but the Sinclairs have a historical duty to
> retain, dispense,
> and reiterate human values. For instance after they  left their position

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