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Re: Intellectual Norman Families/

From: "Anderson Whittle" <andwhit@iafrica.com>
 Perhaps the Sinclairs need to be
> clear on their family strategy in the 21st Cen. Their history is clear.

Sorry but I don't follow you. I was not aware of any such strategy or
Sinclair cult of any type except the clan organisations and it was my belief
that they were just for history and gatherings of like minded people
interested in preserving the wonderful history that surrounds us.

> Much of the world is corrupted.  States such as India, Pakistan, N Korea,
> Libya,
> Iraq, Russia, Zimbabwe, and many other have very large criminal influences
> present in their governments.We have seen in the 20th Cen criminal
> by the Marxists and Fascists,
> in which 100Mil + lost their lives. It will take wise leadership, example,
> and foresight
> to avoid this in the 21st Cen. Perhaps this is where Noss Head is aimed.

Huh!! Has Nosshead changed tact from a wonderful little study centre to a
political party?

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