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RE: Intellectual Norman Families/


No doubt this is correct, but the Sinclairs have a historical duty to
retain, dispense,
and reiterate human values. For instance after they  left their position as
head of Scottish Freemasonry, the movement was corrupted for political ends.

Freemasonry is possibly self-serving these days, and in some cases
at the end of the 20C( Italian P2 & 3 Lodges) possibly  to be criminal, but
I speak
as a non-freemason, so am speculating. Perhaps the Sinclairs need to be
clear on their family strategy in the 21st Cen. Their history is clear.

Much of the world is corrupted.  States such as India, Pakistan, N Korea,
Iraq, Russia, Zimbabwe, and many other have very large criminal influences
present in their governments.We have seen in the 20th Cen criminal activity
by the Marxists and Fascists,
in which 100Mil + lost their lives. It will take wise leadership, example,
and foresight
to avoid this in the 21st Cen. Perhaps this is where Noss Head is aimed.

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Dear Mark,

Important as the Sinclairs undoubtedly were and are, what about the Bruces,
Stewarts, Montgommerys, Setons et al? The Sinclairs were not alone in

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