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Calling all South African Sinclairs

G'day all South African Cousins,

This week my sister, who is on yet another trip around Australia, rang
me to tell me that she and her hubby are currently camped at POINT
SINCLAIR, in South Australia - named just a touch over 200 years ago
(March 1802) by Matthew Flinders, after his midshipman Kennett
Sinclair, close relation to the majority of Sinclair families over your
neck of the woods. Apparently, most of the South African Sinclairs are
descended from Kennett's two younger brothers, Thomas Sinclair
and John Albert Sinclair.

They will be throwing a few lines out, as it is known as quite a good
fishing spot. 

So, here's thinking of you all!


Ian Newman
Perth, Western Australia
(just dangle your toes in the Indian Ocean and look East - that'll
be me waving from the other side) 
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