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RE: Intellectual Norman Families/

Agreed in many senses Tim, however I may not understand enigmatic Russia
or strange Libya, or even Zimbabwe's workings, but I can recognise murder.
I would'nt say that Noss Head is political, but hopefully aimed at the
betterment of
humanity, whish seems to me to be the thrust of Rosslyn, the Sinclair -led
up to c 1736, even in Andrew Sinclairs last books.What is needed is "wise
example, and foresight" - normally these are supplied by thinkers in
humanities, such as philosophers. The politicians use these ideas much later
Marx | USSR,  Nietzche | 3rd Reich ) and these two examples show how good
intentions can be
turned into evil by politicians.

Such actions are  important, but it's the earlier thought and the quality
that lays the ground rules for the future action of man.For Noss Head to
political events directly is not worth discussing. But for the thrust of
thought in Theology, Gnosticism, Justice, Libraries, Military, Agriculture,
Mysticism, and other fields that  have had great inputs by Sinclairs in the
to be continued in the future is something that Noss Head may be good at.
The only time I was at Noss Head I saw the nucleus of a library, a recently
completed Peace Sword, and the video of a Sinclair Castle. Hardly political,
but perhaps the germination of an idea(s) and the start of good things. The
peace sword,which if I remember correctly had the word "peace" in 100
languages inscribed on the blade, encouraged me in my (seperate) millenium
basket hilted
broadsword project, to raise the level of the sword in a process of
development of Scottish, Gnostic, heraldic, Scythian,Norse, Aegean, and
Jacobite blade engravings with the
most valued aid of William Buehler.I'm producing a book on this " The Sword
Letters from William Buehler", a copy of which will go to Noss Head. Perhaps
it's just a momento or a totem, but I can say that without Rosslyn and
William Buehler and without Noss Head, it would simply be a piece of metal.

Real truth, which is wisdom, will come when your Centre isolates the
DNA of William Sinclair. Look at the Sinclair uniqueness, isolate their
and synthesise these for the betterment of mankind.And other families as
Figuratively it's a far,  far better place than the place you are going to.
The intellectual foundations are much more important than the physical one.


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Dear Mark,

I regret that while I too am sometimes in despair at much that goes on in
this world, I cannot endorse your charges of crminality etc which are

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