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Re: Barons of Rosslyn

The barons of Loughboro, Surrey England by royal license - 1733 assumed the
name St. Clair.  They had been for some time - Barons of Rosslyn! How did
the politician Wedderburn get to be the Baron?

Nothing supports Sara.  The one connection is the mother seven generations
ago of the second Earl that makes the connection distant to be kind. It
doesn't matter who your ancestors were; it matters who the descendant
remembers or imagines they were.

The mysterious Sara, on Roslin Castle's wall  was  best described by Pablo
Picasso "Everything you can imagine is real."


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> Dear Sally:
> This is deep genealogy indeed  -- good to have on the record.
> As to Sally's bit question: "What interests to the St.Clair/Sinclairs -
> Caithness
> > have in Roslin Chapel if the lands have long since devolved upon the

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