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When researching Lafayette you will a great deal more information about the
'peoples champion' if you look at the French spelling, La Fayet.  The 'ette
indicates the diminutive.  La Fayet translates as the Fayet.  Lafayette was
definitely a Freemason. The Fayet family traces back beyond their ancestors
involvement with Jean d'Arc at the battle d'Orléans.  I do not know if the
masons adopt the ideal of 'Liberty, Equality and brotherhood.  Lafayette was
raised by his grandparents, his father fell in battle 1759. Lafayette never
forgot his father courage and devotion to duty and the common man.  The
father inspired Lafayette and through him influenced both the American and
French revolutions. Lafayette died when he was 13, leaving him a princely
fortune.  Lafayette spent much of his personal fortune in the defence of
American ideals.  Lafayette frequently spent time not 5 kilometres from St
Clair sur Epte in the home of his grand uncle, the Duc du Fayet.  In French
the river Epte is said E Tap.

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