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Re: Barons of Rosslyn

Dear Sally:
This is deep genealogy indeed  -- good to have on the record.
As to Sally's bit question: "What interests to the St.Clair/Sinclairs -
> have in Roslin Chapel if the lands have long since devolved upon the
> St.Clair Erskines (Wedderburns)?"

Sally when you say 'interest' do you mean:
1: financial?  (most likely not) but clearly there is none
2: familial? see below
3: ownership? none
4: general?  all of us are interested blood or no blood.
5: genealogical? well.... that is what I guess we are all on about here.

The  simplest answer is that is that the Rosslyn St. Clairs and the
Caithness Sinclairs stem from the same trunk  and indeed were one and the
same family from Prince/Earl Henry through his son Henry to William the
builder of the Chapel.

Sinclair's question re: the Rosslyn St. Clair Erskines is to what extent
there is a direct genealogical connection to the bigger St.Clair/Sinclair
family.  It would seem by the St. Clair Erskine charts  that there are two
connections through the female line  back to the Lord Sinclair line as well
as through a surviving daughter of Sir William the last Rosslyn. This latter
connection is not supported by Burkes nor by Debretts.

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> Lineage (of WEDDERBURN)-SIR PETER WEDDERBURN, of Gosford, Co Haddington,
> 3rd s of James  Wedderburn, of Blackness, Co Forfar, and yr bro of Sir
> Alexander Wedderburn, of Blackness. ancestor of the Wedderburn
> Baronets (see OGILVY-WEDDERBURN, Bt), was b 1612, purchased Gosford
> 1639,  m 1st, 1 Feb 1649, Christian Gibson, and had a s (d young). He m

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