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Barons of Rosslyn

Lineage (of WEDDERBURN)-SIR PETER WEDDERBURN, of Gosford, Co Haddington,
3rd s of James  Wedderburn, of Blackness, Co Forfar, and yr bro of Sir
Alexander Wedderburn, of Blackness. ancestor of the Wedderburn
Baronets (see OGILVY-WEDDERBURN, Bt), was b 1612, purchased Gosford
1639,  m 1st, 1 Feb 1649, Christian Gibson, and had a s (d young). He m
2nd, 1653, Agnes, dau of John Dickson, of Hartree, a Judge of the Court
of Session, and by her had, with other issue,

    1a John, of Gosford, PC (Scotland)
    2a PETER (Sir), 1st Bt, of Gosford,1746. His issue male failed at
the death of Sir Peter Arthur Halkett, 8th Bt, 8 Mar. 1904, when the
Baronetcy became extinct (see BURKE’s PEERAGE & BARONETAGE 1904 edn).
     3a ALEXANDER WEDDERBURN,  m Mary, dau of John Daes, of Colding
Knows, Co Berwick, and had issue, with two daus., an only s,
    1a PETER WEDDERBURN, of Chesterhall, Co Haddington, am Janet (d June
1771), dau of Capt David Ogilvy, and had issue,
    1a ALEXANDER WEDDERBURN, 1st Earl of Rosslyn, was b at Edinburgh, 13
Feb 1733; elevated to the bench, as Ld Ch Justice of the Court of Common
Pleas 1780 when he was cr BARON LOUGHBOROUGH, of Loughborough, Co
Leicester (17 June 1780). In 1793, his Lordship was apptd first commr.
for keeping the Great Seal, and 27 Jan 1793, constituted LORD HIGH
CHANCELLOR OF GREAT BRITAIN. On the 31st of Oct 1795, he obtained a new
patent, creating him BARON LOUGHBOROUGH, of Loughborough, Surrey, with
remainder, in default of male issue,to his nephew, Sir James St Clair
Erskine, 6th Bt, and after him, to John Erskine, the bro of Sir James,
and 21 Apr. 1801, he was advanced to the dignity of EARL OF ROSSLYN, Co
Midlothian, with the same remainder. His Lordship was b at Edinburgh 13
Feb 1733; m 1st, 31 Dec 1767, Betty Anne (d 15 Feb 1781), dau and
heiress of John Dawson, of Morley, Co York. He m 2nd, 12 Sept 1782,
Charlotte (d 1826), dau of 1st Viscount Courtenay (see BURKE’s PEERAGE &
BARONETAGE 1999 edn DEVON, E) and by her had a s (d in infancy). His
Lordship dsps 3 Jan 1805, when the original Barony of Loughborough of
Leicester became extinct, while that of Lougborough of Surrey, and the
Earldom of
 Rosslyn, devolved, according to the limitation of the patent, upon his
nephew, Sir James St Clair Erskine, 6th Bt (see below).
    1a Janet; m 1761, Lt-Gen Sir Henry Erskine, 5th Bt, of Alva (see
below), and had, with other issue, an elder s,

        1b JAMES (Sir), 6th Bt and 2nd Earl.
Lineage (of Erskine)--SIR CHARLES ERSKINE, of Alva, 6th s by his 2nd
marriage (with Mary, dau of Esme Stewart, 1st Duke of Lennox (see MORAY,
E)) of John Erskine, Earl of Mar, KG, Treasurer of Scotland (see that
title); m (contract 10 Jan 1639) Mary, dau of Sir Thomas Hope, of
Craighall, 1st Bt see that title). He d 8 July 1663, and was s by his
3rd but est surv s,

Sir Charles Erskine, 1st Bt., of Alva, MP for Co Clackmannan 1665-67 and
for Co Stirling 1689-90, cr a Baronet of Nova Scotia, 30 April 1666,
with remainder to the heirs male of his body; b 4 July 1643; m 1670,
Christian, dau of Sir James Dundas, of Arniston (see BURKE's PEERAGE &
BARONETAGE 1970 edn, DUNDAS, Bt, of Arniston), and had issue, with a dau

    1a JAMES (Sir), 2nd Bt
    2a JOHN (Sir), 3rd Bt
    3a Charles, of Tinwald, Co Dumfries  m 1st, 21 Dec 1712, Grizel
Grierson, of Barjarg, Co Dumfries, and 2nd, 26 Aug 1753, Elizabeth (d 24
Oct 1806), widow of William Maxwell, MD, of Preston, and dau of William
Harestanes, of Craigs, Co Kirkcudbright, and d 5 April 1763, having by
his 1st wife had issue,

        1b Charles, MP for Ayr Burghs 1747-49
        2b James, of Barjarg, and of Alva, as Ld Barjarg, and later as
Ld Alva; b 20 June 1722; m 1st, 19 June 1749, Margaret (d 1766), dau and
co-heir of Hugh Macguire, of Drumdow, Ayrshire. He m 2nd, Jean, widow of
Sir James Stirling, 3rd Bt, of  Glorat and dau of of John Stirling (see
BURKE’s PEERAGE & BARONETAGE 1970 edn), and d 13 May 1796, having had,
with other issue,            1c John

Sir Charles d 4 June 1690, and was s by his est s,

Sir James Erskine, 2nd Bt.; d unm, k at the battle of Landen, 23 July
1693, and was s by his bro,
Sir John Erskine, 3rd Bt., MP (S.) for Clackmannanshire 1700-02 and for
Burntisland 1703-07,and MP (G.B) for the same constituency 1707-08, and
again for Clackmannanshire 1713-15; m Catherine, dau of 8th Ld Sinclair
(see that title), and had issue,

    1a CHARLES (Sir), 4th Bt
    2a HENRY (Sir), 5th Bt

He d 12 March 1739, and was s by his elder s,
Sir Charles Erskine, 4th Bt., m 1743, Henrietta, dau of Col Fraser, of
Dundalloch, and had issue, a dau He fell at the battle of Laffeldt, 2
July 1747, when the baronetcy devolved upon his bro,

Sir Henry Erskine, 5th Bt., m 1761, Janet (d Jun. 1797), sis of
Alexander Wedderburn, 1st Earl of Rosslyn, and dau of Peter Wedderburn,
of Chesterhall (see above), and had issue,

    1a JAMES (Sir), 6th Bt, and 2nd Earl of Rosslyn.

    1a Henrietta Maria, who obtained, by sign manual 1801, the rank and
precedence of an Earl's dau, and d unm 16 Feb 1820.

Sir Henry d 7 Aug 1765, and was s by his elder s,
SIR JAMES ST. CLAIR-ERSKINE, 6th Bt, 2nd Earl of Rosslyn, s to the
estates at Dysart, Rosslyn, and elsewhere of the St Clair family,and
assumed the additional name of ST. CLAIR, by Roy Licence 9 June 1789; b
1762; m 1790, Henrietta Elizabeth (d 8 Aug 1810), est dau of Hon Edward
Bouverie s of 1st Viscount Folkestone (see BURKE’s PEERAGE & BARONETAGE
1999 edn, RADNOR, E), and had issue,

    1a JAMES ALEXANDER, 3rd Earl.     He d 18 Jan 1837, and was s by his

JAMES ALEXANDER, 3rd Earl of Rosslyn,  m 10 Oct 1826, Frances (d 30 Sept
1858), dau of Lt-Gen William Wemyss, of Wemyss (see WEMYSS & MARCH, E),
and had issue,

    1a James Alexander, Ld Loughborough,  b 10 May 1830; d unm 28 Dec

    2a ROBERT FRANCIS, 4th Earl.    His Lordship d 16 June 1866, and was
s by his only surv s,

ROBERT FRANCIS, 4th Earl of Rosslyn,  m 8 Nov 1866, Blanche Adeliza (d 8
Dec 1933), widow of Hon Charles Henry Maynard, only s of 3rd and last
Viscount Maynard (see BURKE's Dormant & Extinct Peerages), and dau of
Henry FitzRoy, of Salcey Lawn, Northampton (see BURKE’s PEERAGE &
BARONETAGE 1999 edn, GRAFTON, D), and had issue,

    1a JAMES FRANCIS HARRY, 5th Earl.

    2a Sybil Mary; b 20 Aug 1871; m 28 May 1892, 13th Earl of
Westmorland (see BURKE’s    PEERAGE & BARONETAGE 1999 edn), and d 21
July 1910, leaving issue. He d 9 June 1922.
    3a Angela Selina Bianca ST. CLAIR-ERSKINE; b 11 June 1876; m 27
April 1896 (divorce 1906), Lt-Col James Stewart Forbes, and had issue
(see FORBES, Bt, of Newe). He d 29 Sept 1957. She reverted to her maiden
name by deed poll, 1929, and d 22 Oct 1950.

    His Lordship d 6 Sept 1890, and was s his elder s,

JAMES FRANCIS HARRY, 5th Earl of Rosslyn,  b 16 March 1869; m 1st, 19
July 1890 (divorce 1902), Violet Aline (d 17 Feb 1945), yr dau of Robert
Charles de Grey Vyner, of Gautby Hall, Lincs. (see BURKE’s PEERAGE &
BARONETAGE 1999 edn, LUCAS, B), and had issue,

    1a FRANCIS EDWARD SCUDAMORE, Ld Loughborough,  b 16 Nov 1892; m 27
Dec 1915 (divorce 1926), Margaret Sheila Mackellar (d 13 Oct 1969), dau
of Harry Chilsholm, of Sydney, N.S. Wales, and d 4 Aug 1929, leaving

        1b ANTHONY HUGH FRANCIS HARRY, 6th Earl.

    1a Rosabelle Millicent; b 30 Oct 1891; m 1st, 12 Feb 1912, Lt David
Cecil Bingham,  She m 2nd, 20 May 1916, Lt-Col John Charles Brand, DSO,
MC, Coldstream Gds, and d 12 Dec 1956,

He m 2nd, 20 March 1905 (divorce 1907), Anna (d 4 Oct 1917), dau of
George Robinson, of Minneapolis, USA His Lordship m 3rd, 8 Oct 1908,
Vera Mary, (Tommy) BEM, mistress of Sir Robert Bruce Lockhart (d 24 Feb
1975), dau of late Eric Edward Bayley, and by her had issue,

    2a James Alexander Wedderburn (Hamish),  b 23 Aug 1909;  d unm 17
Dec 1973.
    3a David Simon, Maj Roy Scots, served in WW II (despatches); b 18
Nov 1917; educ Ampleforth, and Merton Coll Oxford (Scholar, BA 1938); m
5 March 1948 (divorce 1958), Antonia Mary (d 13 Aug 1965), only dau of
late Adml of the Fleet Sir John Donald Kelly, GCB, GCVO, and d 1985,
leaving issue,

        1b Jonathan Harry; b 8 Nov 1949; educ Gulph U Ontario, and RMA
Sandhurst; m 1980 •Mrs Christine Moore, dau of Frederick Inch, of
Huntingdon, and d 3 Feb 1995.

    2a Mary Sybil; b May 1912;

His Lordship d 10 Aug 1939, and was s by his grandson,
18 May 1917; m 3 Aug 1955 (divorce 1962), Athenais de Mortemart (she m
2nd 1978 (divorce 1983) as his 2nd wife Robert Edgar Aethling (Bend'or)
Drummond (d 1994) (see PERTH, E), only dau of late Louis Victor, Duc de
Vivonne, and Mme. Michael Valery Ollivier, of La Ferme Ste. Barbe,
Arcangues, B.P., France, and had issue,

    1a PETER, 7th and present Earl. THE 7TH EARL OF ROSSLYN, Co
Midlothian (Sir Peter St.Clair-Erskine),Baron Loughborough, of
Co Surrey, and a Baronet of Nova Scotia; b 31 March 1958, s his f 1977;
m 1982 •Helen M, est dau of Count R. Watters, of Christ's Hospital,
and has issue,

    1a +JAMES WILLIAM, Ld Loughborough; b 28 May 1986.
    2a +Harry; b 199-.
    1a •Alice; b 1988.
    2a •Lucia; b 1993.

    1a •Caroline; b 7 June 1956; m 1991 •Michael Francis Marten,

His Lordship d 22 Nov 1977, and was s by his only s.

There are two coats of Arms - both with one quarter as Sinclair
the Wedderburns of Blackness (Oglyvie) somehow have the Argent, cross
engrailed Sable for Sinclair in the 1st Quarter!  Which makes it First
of importance -
Also the motto is "Fight" which among other things if the motto of the
Sinclairs of Herdmanston
Second Wedderburn family shield has the 4th quarter, Argent Cross
engrailed Azure, (for Herdmanston)
The home of the Wedderburns is variously, Berwick (Ragman Roll),
Haddington Co and Midlothian (as Baron/Earl of Rosslyn)

Now big Question - What interests to the St.Clair/Sinclairs - Caithness
have in Roslin Chapel if the lands have long since devolved upon the
St.Clair Erskines (Wedderburns)?
I see now why the various arms of the Sinclairs are not in the Lyon