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Loch Sloy Games (Fort Erie, Ontario)

Dear List:
For what it is worth and those who might be disappointed,
Clan Sinclair Canada was intending to appear at the Loch Sloy Games this
weekend June 15.

Due to a date conflict (a wedding)  of the tent and paraphernalia
transporter (me) , this will not occur as announced in Roslin O' Roslin.

Next year, God willing and the creek don't rise, Clan Sinclair Canada will
be back at the Loch Sloy Games.

Rory Sinclair
Secretary,  Clan Sinclair Association  (Canada)
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Subject: Earl Henry and his death date

> Hum - point of order Gentlemen:  Normallly it is said that "Our Henry"
> was finding Greenland in 1398 - yes/no?  How long did he stay in North
> America?  Until what year?  So immediately following the statement of
> his "discovery", which he did not do - Greenland was a trading outpost
> until 1396, courtesy of the Ericssons, where did Earl Henry and the

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