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Toronto - 1905 - Earl of Caithness

It seems that 1978, was not the first time that a Earl of Caithness has set foot in our multi-cultural city.

Today I found the following article:

Toronto Star - Thursday, June 22, 1905, Page 9, Column 2
Visiters in the City
   Toronto People Away
      Personal News Notes
Something About the Earl of Caithness,
Who is With Relatives Here

4th Paragraph

The Earl of Caithness, who arrived in town on Sunday last, has been the guest of Mr. Harry Gamble in Rosedale, whose cousin he is.  Lord Caithness has spent much of his life in America, latterly in North Dakota, whe he has a ranch,  Berridale Farm, but in the seventies he was in the Bank of Montreal, and lived for two years in Toronto, where he has a large circle of relatives on his paternal grandmother's side, and made many friends.  He inherited the title from his father, the sixteenth earl, in 1891, whose mother was the eldest sister of the late Mr. Clark Gamble, and one of a very numerous family who nearly all lived to old age, and left many descendants.  Lord Caithness is a strikingly handsome man of 48 years, though he looks older, probably from the life of roughing it that he has led in the West.  He has been much entertained during his few days' visit, and leaves for the West to-night.

Problem is, this article is referring that John Sutherland Sinclair's (17th Earl) grandmother, is Mary Ann Allan Gamble and not Euphemia Buchan.  Which is right?

We know that John Sutherland Sinclair (1778-1841) was station in Upper Canada (now Ontario) in the early 1800's.  And was married 22 Jun 1802 St. John Anglican Church, Sandwich (now Windsor), Essex County, Upper Canada, to Mary Ann Allan Gamble (Parent: Doctor John Gamble & Isabelle Clarke).  We know that two of their children, George Sutherland Sinclair & John Sinclair were also baptized in St. John Anglican Church, Sandwich (1803 & 1805). But we do not know (at the present time) where or when Mary die (DOES ANYONE?).  Does also anyone know when John was married to Frances Ramsay or Euphemia Buchan?

We also have the following burial transcriptions:


The following is a complete transcript of the monumental inscriptions in Inveresk Kirkyard that were extant in 1857, from the Appendix of Paterson's book. 

157. Sacred to the memory of Lieutenant-Colonel JOHN SUTHERLAND SINCLAIR, Royal Artillery, who died at Edinburgh, 12th April 1841, aged 62; and of his eldest son, GEORGE SUTHERLAND SINCLAIR, W.S., who died 18th January 1834, aged 30; and of his daughter, EUPHEMIA MARGARET SINCLAIR, who died 12th October 1836, aged 11; and of his son, THOMAS BUCHAN SINCLAIR, who died 30th April 1838, aged 9. Also of his youngest daughter, NICOLA HELEN MEREDITH SINCLAIR, who died at St Leonards-on-Sea, 24th November 1855, aged 16. 

201. This is the burying ground of Captain Ramsay, R.N. DAVID RAMSAY, Esq., Post-Captain in the Royal Navy, died 18th Nov. 1818, aged 68. 
MARY, relict of Captain Ramsay, R.N., eldest daughter of John Macleod of Macleod, died 8th August 1829, aged 77. 
The remains of ELIZA ISABELLA, daughter of Major Sinclair, R.A., rest here, died 18th June 1815, in her ninth year. Also of FRANCIS, wife of Major Sinclair, R.A., daughter of Capt. D. Ramsay, R.N., died 20th Jan. 1823, aged 27. 
Deposited here are the remains of LOUISA, wife of J. H. Home, Esq., of Longformacus, daughter of Captain Ramsay, R.N., died 3d June 1823. Here are interred the remains of ANNE, second daughter of Captain and Mrs Ramsay, who died 17th October 1830. Also of MARY EMILIA, their eldest daughter, the last survivor of their family, who died 10th March 1834. Here are deposited the remains of MARY EMILIA, wife of W. Norman Ramsay, Captain in the Royal Horse Artillery, eldest daughter of Lieut.-General Macleod of Macleod. Died 10th August 1809. 
The remains of CATHERINE RAMSAY, daughter of Captain, R.N., are here interred. Died 4th October 1844. 
DAVID RAMSAY, Lt. R.N., 4th son of Capt. Ramsay, died on the Jamaica station July 1815, aged 22 years. 
The remains of ANNE CUMMING, relict of Wm. Ramsay, Esq. of Temple Hall, are here interred. Died 13th May 1810. 
JOHN RAMSAY, Lt. R.N., 2d son of Capt. Ramsay, died on the Leeward Island Station, May 1807, aged 19 years. 
Sacred to the memory of Major WILLIAM NORMAN RAMSAY, of the Royal Horse Artillery, eldest son of Captain David Ramsay, Royal Navy; who, having served throughout the various campaigns in Holland, Egypt, Portugal, Spain, and France, from the year 1799, and distinguished himself in all, fell at the battle of Waterloo on the 18th of June 1815, aged 33. His remains, preserved through the affection of his brother officers and the support of his troop, were, to fulfil his own wish, removed to this place, and laid beside those of his beloved wife. 
ALEXANDER RAMSAY, Lieutenant in the Royal Artillery, third son of Captain Ramsay, R.N., gallantly fell in the batteries before New Orleans, on the 1st of January 1815, in his 24th year. 

After seeing this transcription, it seems that John married Francis just after Mary died (but when did both events take place? And where: Upper Canada or Scotland?)

Also,  have notice some different info about John Sutherland Sinclair (17th Earl) between the Earl of Caithness page & the timeline page on the Clan Sinclair US website:

One says that he went back to Scotland 1904 and the other says 1905.
One has that he died 1914 and the other 1920.  I've checked the California Death Index website and there is only a John Sinclair who died 30 May 1914 (Reg. #18909), none for 1920.

Rexdale, Ontario


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