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Re: Toronto - 1905 - Earl of Caithness

James Augustus SINCLAIR was born 31 May 1827 at Naples. He was the eldest 
surviving son of Lt Col. John Sutherland SINCLAIR of the Royal Artillery.

James married Janet Macleod on 26 April 1855 and was adjudged heir to the 
Earldom of Caithness in May 1888.  He died in London on 21 Jan 1891 (Ref. 
March quarter 1891; age 63; District: Paddington; Vol. 1a; page 53.) and is 
buried in Saint Machar Churchyard, Old Aberdeen, Scotland.

His son, John Sutherland SINCLAIR was born on 17 September 1857 in Aberdeen 
and became the 17th Earl of Caithness upon his father's death in Jan. 1891. 
He was a resident of Lakota, North Dakota in 1901 where he had a farm named 

John must have returned to England between 1901 and 1903 and can be found 
returning to the United States on at least three occasions, as follows:

* He travelled to the US on the "Majestic", departing Liverpool and 
arriving in New York on February 26 1904. He is listed as aged 46, single, 
of Scottish Nationality, resident in London.

* In 1905 he departed Liverpool on May 31 via the "Majestic" and arrived in 
New York on June 8.  He is recorded as aged 47, single male, resident of 
London; in transit to the Windsor Hotel, Montreal.

* On February 14 1906 he departed Liverpool on the "Cedric" and arrived in 
New York on February 23.  He is recorded as aged 48, single male, land 
owner, able to read and write, Citizen of Scotland and resident of London, 
was last in the US in 1905 and was in transit to 169 Darlington Avenue, 
Toronto, Canada.

No further arrivals can be found for him in the Ellis Island records.

John died, unmarried, on 30 May 1914 according to the official genealogy 
held by the Lord Lyon.

This, then, would be the correct death record for him.
Last Name: Sinclair
First Name: John
Middle Initial: S
Spouse Initials: -
Age Group: 1
Age: 55
County of Death: 70 (Los Angeles)
Date of Death:
Month: 5
Day: 30
Year: 1914
State File Number: 14964

The age is incorrect as he would actually have been aged 56 years, 8 months 
and 13 days.

With regard to Lt Col. John Sutherland SINCLAIR, RA; he married three times:
1. 22 June 1802 - Marianne Gamble
2. 23 Jan 1817 - Frances Ramsay (died 20 Jan 1823)
3. 13 Oct 1824 - Euphemia Buchan

Euphemia was James Augustus Sinclair's mother.
(Scots Peerage for names and dates of marriages)

Hope that's of some help.

At 02:06 AM 12/06/02 -0400, you wrote:

>It seems that 1978, was not the first time that a Earl of Caithness has 
>set foot in our multi-cultural city.
>Today I found the following article:
>Toronto Star - Thursday, June 22, 1905, Page 9, Column 2
>Visiters in the City
>    Toronto People Away
>       Personal News Notes
>          __________
>Something About the Earl of Caithness,
>Who is With Relatives Here

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