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Re: Earl Henry and his death date

Dear Friends,

The voyages to America by Earl Henry St Clair (at least two) took place
between 1396 and 1400. The only documentary evidence for them is the Zeno
Narrative. They are, however, confirmed by Mi'qmaq oral tradition and
indicated stronlgy by the carving of the Westford Knight, the building and/or
refurbishment of the Newport Tower and several carvings wqithin the confines
of Rosslyn Chapel. I not only have no personal doubt about the factual basis
of these voyages but have written,  with Marilyn Hopkins, an as yet
unpublished book about them which is at present being considered for a TV

As to hist death. Where and when it occurred, no-one knows. Documents in the
National Library in Scotland all use identical phraseology which simply states
that 'he was slain cruellie by his enemies'. No place or incident is referred
to by name and three dates are given, namely 1400, 104 and 1444 (altered by a
marginal annotation to 1404).

The question as to whether Henry died in battle, vanished back to America or
what - is still wide open. No record exists of his funeral. None of the
installation of his son Earl Henry II as Earl of Orkeny. There, at the moment,
the matter rests.

Best wishes


esdemio@worldnet.att.net wrote:

> Hum - point of order Gentlemen:  Normallly it is said that "Our Henry"
> was finding Greenland in 1398 - yes/no?  How long did he stay in North
> America?  Until what year?  So immediately following the statement of
> his "discovery", which he did not do - Greenland was a trading outpost
> until 1396, courtesy of the Ericssons, where did Earl Henry and the
> Zenos go?  How long did it take to return to Scotland/Europe?
> The questioned year of death seems generally to be 1404.  The reason,
> all too many times, not given.  Yes Sinclair, I hear you.  I postulate
> that no one can be two places at once - either he was in North America
> or he was someplace "at home" in Scotland or Europe. Sinclair I bow to
> your superior knowledge - There is a question of the man and all of
> those who were with him when he sailed 'home'.  Where is the original

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