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Earl Henry and his death date

Hum - point of order Gentlemen:  Normallly it is said that "Our Henry"
was finding Greenland in 1398 - yes/no?  How long did he stay in North
America?  Until what year?  So immediately following the statement of
his "discovery", which he did not do - Greenland was a trading outpost
until 1396, courtesy of the Ericssons, where did Earl Henry and the
Zenos go?  How long did it take to return to Scotland/Europe?
The questioned year of death seems generally to be 1404.  The reason,
all too many times, not given.  Yes Sinclair, I hear you.  I postulate
that no one can be two places at once - either he was in North America
or he was someplace "at home" in Scotland or Europe. Sinclair I bow to
your superior knowledge - There is a question of the man and all of
those who were with him when he sailed 'home'.  Where is the original
information from which the more modern stories are taken?  If the
history is oral or written, lost forever - is it given to translation
and emendation?  Now!  The original papers - they reside where?  May
they be accessed?  It seems to me to bring this story to a conclusion -
the original papers need to be found and scrutinized carefully.  Mr.
Wallace-Murphy - your bailiwick?  The whole family would be much better
off and this burning question answered with the true knowledge of Earl
Henry's life and ultimate death. I come back to an earlier question -
Did he have a bard who told the story?  Is it in papers somewhere deep
in the collection of some abbey?  Did the Lord Protector in his zeal
direct destruction of Scottish history.  Roslin Castle history burned in
the castle?
Many questions, many times posed and still no answers.

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