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Joke of the Day

A man is sitting alone in a bar when another gentleman walks in. He says 
halloo tae the stranger. The stranger says, "That's quite an accent you have 
thar, where are the from". "Scotland" replies the first man. "That's amazing" 
says the second man, "So am I". The first man goes on to say, "I'm from a 
small burg way up north in Caithness called Wick". "That's incredible" says 
the second man, "So am I". "Nae it canna be" says the first, "Where did the 
go to school"? "Miller Academy" says the second man. "It canna be, we must 
have been classmates" says the first man. Just then a third man walks into 
the bar and says, "Hey bartender, what's news". The bartender says, "Just the 
same old thing, the Sinclair twins are drunk again".
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