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Re: Captain John Sinclair

 Also Susan, check with libraries to see if they have anything by Claude Lanciano.  He wrote several books about John and owned his place - Land's End in Gloucester Co.  I have all of them somewhere in this house but can't find anything at the moment.  I'm a descendant of his.  We had a reunion in '78.  There were over 400 of us there.  Fun time.  I hope to go back one of these days. - Penny
  Sally Spangler <esdemio@worldnet.att.net> wrote: Hi Susan - John Sinclair is the progenitor of the Gloucester Co, VA
Sinclairs. My suggestion would be to go out to Fairfax Co, Virginia
Room and look him up in Swem's Index. I know there are citations for
him in Henning Statutes. Something about trying
to keep him from readying his ship and taking it to sea. Secondly, find
a copy of the Seldon Sinclair Genealogy. Thirdly, he is buried in
Gloucester Co in the Sinclair cemetery. Last of all, his family is
listed on line in the VA State Library Bolling R. Batt index in the
electronic, digital library in their history/biography files at least.
He is listed side by side with my Arthur Sinclair files and intermingled
so that you have to separate the two lines. The way it's listed,
alphabetically, you have to know who belongs to whom. There are no
Thomas Jefferson Sinclairs in the Arthur Sinclair line. Both at one
time or another married a Munford, however.
Both Arthur and John were mixed up in the Revolution. I've not found
proof that Arthur had a letter of marque, John did. Arthur is stated
somewhere that the Gentleman's Magazine stated tht Arthur had a taken a
prize during the French and Indian War. I do know that he filed to get
his money and was never paid.

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