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Nigel Tranter

"The Wallace" is a historical novel.  Nigel Tranter is an excellent writer
who portrayed the turbulent times and feelings with verve and gusto. However
his work of "The Wallace" is fiction and the original product of Tranter's
wonderful imagination.  It cannot be relied on for historical fact. There
are many fictions purporting to be accurate history on the web.

For example; the Clan Sinclair's USA web site states with seeming authority
and great inaccuracy;  Quote"The British Royal family changed their name
from Battenberg to Mountbatten because they felt that Battenberg was too
German (as, indeed, it was) and, later, they took the name of Windsor to
distance themselves even further from any taint of German association - a
prudent move in the light of two World Wars when Germany was the main
adversary." Niven Sinclair" Endquote.

Fact or fiction?



The British Royal family's name before WWI was Saxe-Coberg-Gotha.  This was
changed to Windsor at WWI. The Battenburgs were descended from the distaff
side of Victoria. They were not the British Royal family. However they did
change their name to Mountbatten.

The glory of Scotland's past is write large in real deeds by real men, not
the least among them were Sinclairs.


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