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Scottish History

reading back thru the post by Sinclair has raised some questions -
Balioll -  did his name then become the name of the College at Oxford?
Or was that another Balioll - if so - who? This is truly minutia.
If, in making off with the Stone of Destiny and the Scottish Records
destroyed - were the records in any way still in many parts in many
places so that at least some records could be reclaimed?  Sounds like
the damnyankees who destroyed southern records during the "War of
Northern Agression"  A huge loss and for the most part never put back
together.  An even bigger one for the Scottish nation to lose their
history.  It is a marvel that anything exists today to tell the true
story - except thru the victor's telling.
I have read that every family (noble) usually had a bard whose sole job
was to keep up the family history and its deeds. These men were trained
in bardic schools first set up in Ireland before the Scots came to
"Scotland".  That the schools were later transferred to Scotland and
then began to die out. Since all this was verbal - how much did get
To go back to Earl Henry and before - would the bard(s) have recorded
the family Sinclair's deeds?  Do we know?
By what means do the historians of today know of the on-going feuds with
the Sutherlands and the place the Gunns had because they lived both on
Caithness and Sutherland lands?

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