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Re: Roslin's Battle final

inspiring!  ...Thanks!

Sinclair wrote:

> On receiving news of the calamity that had befallen Segrave, de Confrey
> immediately abandoned his siege of Dalhousie to advance upon the Scots
> militia, who would now have to face the wrath of a professional English army
> bitten by the mighty midge but not subdued. The Scots no longer possessed
> the help of the bolt from the blue, surprise. From the Prior's knowledge of
> the terrain, Wallace deployed the Scots on a ridge with a crag at its north
> end and waited for the English progress. The English closed in but their
> uphill charge was wrecked by volley upon volley of Scottish arrows. They
> turned northwards unaware of the precipice. The outnumbered Scots closed on
> their southern flank and drove them towards the rocky face. The slaughter at
> the rock face was horrendous. De Confrey died embroiled in the battle as
> news of the advance of the third division of English soldiers reached the

[ Excess quotations omitted. ]

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