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Re: Comments on Speculative Masonry

Hi Donald,
     The reason Kilwinnig is No.0 is because of a squabble between St Marys
Chapel in Edinburgh claiming to be the oldest Lodge in Scotland. Kilwinnig
challenged this and because St Marys Chapel wanted to be No1 they let them.
It wqs felt Kilwinnig was the oldest so they made them No 0.  There
continued to be a squabble as to who was no 1(very unusual for Scots). Today
we have about three No 1 Lodges delineated as No.1 (1), No. 1 (2) etc. kind
of interesting when of course England claims to be the founder of Masonry in
Britain.  The Scots just did their own thing from about 1300 on.  Best to
you and the family.
regards, David
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>Dear Rory,
>                Always a pleasure to know your at the other end.  My father
>belonged to Mother Kilwinning Lodge No.O., in Scotland.  The reason I
>believe, is that when the Grand Lodge of Scotland was being formed, there
>already was a Kilwinning Lodge in Edinburgh.  Thus Lodge No.O, was born to

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