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Re: The Henry Voyage

Dear Wallace-Murphy

The identification of Zichmini with Henry is speculative.  The evidence of
the Westford Knight is also speculation. Jim Whitall's study of the Newport
Tower only show that it was built by masons from or trained in Orkney. How
does that attribute it to Henry?  What mythologizing  do you see in the
Henry saga? The Henry story seem to be piling hearsay on hearsay. Lack of
evidence of Henry's whereabouts what number of conclusions could be
reasonable drawn? If he went why did he go?

Would anyone comment on Brian Smith's statement "They invented titles and
dignities for him, including the title 'prince', that he never possessed."

The present heredity Bannerman of Scotland, who some bright spark wove his
ancestors into the Henry story is Wedderburn-Scrymgeour. From the same
family as Peter St Clair-Erskin, Earl of Rosslyn.

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