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Re: The Henry Voyage

I do not know if I should respond to this message or not. But then you will
always miss 100% of the shots you don't take. Henry's voyage is unproven and
un provable.  There are gaps in Henry's history that Professor Smith does
not deal with. The Zeno papers, if accepted, still rely on the
interpretation of the name 'Zichmni' referring to Henry. There is no Orkney
legend about it.   If the cause of the alleged voyage were discovered it
would make it more plausible.

Brian Smith writes "They invented titles and dignities for him, including
the title 'prince', that he never possessed. The only thing they didn't
mention was his alleged voyage of discovery"........."Let's sum up. Zeno's
text is the only source, a very distant source, for the fable that Henry
Sinclair was an explorer. Of course, Zeno didn't claim that Henry Sinclair
sailed to America. He had never heard of Henry Sinclair. Zeno said that
someone called Zichmni, who lived on an imaginary island, sailed to
Greenland. His narrative and text don't mention Orkney, and hardly mention
Shetland, at all. Similarly, no Scottish or Italian document of the
fourteenth or later centuries suggests that Henry Sinclair or the Zenos ever
essayed any such voyage. In fact, the only two real people in Zeno's book,
its heroes, were in Venice at the time that Zeno said they were travelling
and dying in the north; and Henry Sinclair was waging war and dying in
Scotland and/or Orkney at the same time."

In the footnotes at note 1 and 36 Professor Smith references his good friend
Niven Sinclair.

At least 500 other people are know to be in North America before Henry's
voyage. Did he go? If he went why?  What, if any, was the effects of his

Have our unshakable preconceptions reached such a point that we can listen
to the William Tell Overture and not think of The Lone Ranger? Are we in
such a state that we see things most decidedly as they are not

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