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RE: The Henry Voyage

Dear Everyone,

I just been reading Shetland (UK)Local Historian and Archivist Brian Smith's
iconoclastic article about Henry Sinclair, the Zeno Narrative etc.  It is to
be found on the following website:

I would be very interested to hear what some of you think about his essay,
as I am considering writing my own account of this fascinating issue.  I
have recently received a great deal of interesting material from  Mr Niven
Sinclair which I am presently trying to absorb, along with other stuff I
have been collecting over the past few years  (including from this
discussion list) ( I am a history teacher in the Anderson High School,
Lerwick, Shetland, Scotland - I have  prepared a unit on 'The Discovery of
America' and I have to say that my young twelve and thirteen year-olds
charges are very pro-Henry! They are so enthusiastic about the notion of a
Scotsman/Orcadian beating Columbus to it by a hundred years!)

Looking forward to your comments

All the best

Gordon Johnston
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