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Re: St. Clair - Wedderburn connection

Verrrrry interesting.

I do know that the present Earl's full name is Peter St. Clair Erskine
(plus a few other Christian names  which are not really relevant here)  and
the scenario you note here would not put Erskine in the family name the way
it is.

What does Burke's say with respect to the name of  James 2nd Earl?  Also,
what would have been the connection that made Alexander become the 1st Earl
of Rosslyn  if  both Peter Wedderburn and his wife had no connection to
Rosslyn and the St. Clairs?   It looks like, at least according to Burkes,
that the Wedderburns arrived deus ex machina and took over the title.  It
does feel like a scenario with holes but Burke's is Burke's.

I will make some more enquires

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> >Dear John:
> >How did you do this so quickly ... it is brilliant!
> You supplied the hard part, i.e., the information.
> All I did was slap it into a GEDCOM and run chart over it.

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