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Re: St. Clair - Wedderburn connection

>Dear John:
>How did you do this so quickly ... it is brilliant!

You supplied the hard part, i.e., the information.
All I did was slap it into a GEDCOM and run chart over it.

>Yes this is my understanding.

Looking in Burke's for the connections to the present Earl in order
to draw a longer chart, something has turned up that confuses me.
Burke's agrees that Peter Wedderburn was father of Alexander 1st Earl
of Rosslyn and grandfather of James 2nd Earl.  However, Burke's says that
this Peter Wedderburn married Janet, daughter of Capt. David Ogilvy,
who was thus mother of Alexander 1st Earl and grandmother of
James 2nd Earl.

There's no mention in the lineage for the Earls of Rosslyn
given in Burke's of a Lady Sarah St. Clair of Rosslyn.

However, Sir John Erskine, 3rd Baronet of Alva, married Catherine
daughter of 8th Lord Sinclair.


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